Is there a benefit to working with new car dealerships, or are they just for buying new cars? Well, there is a lot you can get from a dealership in Michigan, which is probably one of the reasons why sales are on the rise. According to the Consumer News and Business Channel, sales in the United States for new and used cars are expected to reach 916 billion and 106.6 billion, respectively. So, what exactly can you get from a new car dealership apart from brand new cars? Here are some things you may be interested in.


Dealerships focus on convenience, comfort, and efficiency. This allows you to have an optimum buying experience. You can get access to things like shuttle service, Wi-Fi access, comfortable lounges, and car-care clinics. You'll also get service-appointment reminders. All of these perks and services will provide a lot of value to you as a customer. Buying or servicing cars at a new car dealership also ensures that you get access to warranty repairs, which saves money and time.

Service Pricing

Did you also know that new car dealerships also service cars? In fact, car dealerships are in competition with independent garages when it comes to the pricing of regular maintenance tasks and repairs. This includes things like tune-ups, oil changes, and brakes. New car dealerships also sell brand-name tires, different types of accessories, and collision repairs. In some instances, their prices can be quite competitive, but with high prices come the best quality of work when repairing your vehicle.

Certified Preowned Programs

When you are purchasing a pre-owned car from a dealership, there are certain protections that you will get which are not available when purchasing privately. A lot of new car dealerships offer certified pre-owned programs that come with benefits like reconditioned low-mileage cars, multipoint inspections, and extended warranties, which are over and above the basic manufacturer's warranty. You can also get an exchange privilege. When purchasing from a registered dealer, you may have access to as much as $45,000 from the Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund. This will ensure that you are covered in the case that you lose your vehicle to liens.

These are some of the benefits of working with new car dealerships. Are you looking for a new vehicle to buy, or do you need a used car that comes with a CPO program? Get in touch with Betten Baker GMC of Cadillac today and we will assist you.

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